Vrh "J" - Litter "J"
Jola - lives with Mari in Ostrava
Josephine - lives with Susan in Berlin
Jimbo - lives with Celeste in Prague
Jeff - lives with Daniela
Vrh "I" - Litter "I"
Isamu - lives with Tibor in Vilémovice
Iggy - lives with Regina and Hans Peter in Austria
Idris - lives with Nathalie in France
Ilo - lives with Daniela in Prague

Vrh "H" - Litter "H"

Hulkette - SIA x (bs)  - stays with us

Hannah - OSH b 24 - lives with Christa in Austria

Helen - OSH bs 24 - lives with Reme in Spain

Haidee - OSH bs 24 - lives with Christina in Germany


Vrh "G" - Litter "G"

Gia - OSH as 24 - stay with us

Gareth - OSH ns 24 - lives with Katka, Patrik and Fudge

Gri-Gri - OSH as 24 - lives with Barbara and family in Prague

Grinch - OSH a 24 - lives with Dorota in Poland


Vrh "F" - Litter "F"

Fudge - OSH b24 - lives with Katka and Patrik in Prague


Vrh "E" - Litter "E"

Elisa - OSH ns24 - lives with Jarmila in France

Ernesto - OSH ns - lives with Kristina near  Prague

Eragon - OSH n24 - lives with Renata and her family in Prague

Edison - OSH ns 22 - stays with us


Vrh "D" - Litter "D"

Delphina - OSH  cs 24 - lives with Nathalie - cattery CATSIAM-A-STAR, France

Delilah - OSH bs 24 - stays with us

Danny - OSH as 24 - RIP my sweetest boy

Dante - OSH bs 24 - lives with Ingrid and Barbora - cattery Bon Voyage, Slovakia

Dotty - lives with Ivanka´s mum in Prague


Vrh "C" - Litter "C"

Clea - lives with dear Anne in Norway

Carly - my sweet little angel died of intestinal obstruction, R.I.P. my sweet love - you were everything I wished for :-((

Caravaggio - lives with my friends Nanda and Harry - cattery van Scarlettini, The Netherlands

Carlito - stays

Chicco - lives with Jitka, Bedřich and their kids and siamese mate of almost the same age. :-)


Vrh "B" - Litter "B"

Barbie - lives with Míša and family in Kralupy

Bertie - lives with Radka in Brno

Benji - lives with Marina in Prague

Bobby McGee - lives in Brno with Irena, hope to use him as a stud :-)


Vrh "A" - Litter "A"

Anisette - stays

Aimée - lives in Slovakia with Andrea and family (Sultan Chan cattery)

Aiden - lives with Johana and family

Armagnac - lives with Tibor an Jana in Vilémovic

Litter "E" - Vrh "E"

/album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters3/jaja-a-eri-jpg1/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters3/dscf7051-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters3/dscf7561-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters3/dscf7459-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters3/dscf7891-jpg/

"D" Litter - vrh "D"

/album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc-0970-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc-0109-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc-0030-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc-0241-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc00761-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc03504-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc03508-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters2/dsc03475-jpg/

C Litter - vrh C


Vrh "B" / Litter "B"

/album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters/bertie-in-his-new-home-jpg/ /album/fotogalerie-odchovy-litters/bertie-with-his-new-mum-jpg/

Vrh "A" / "A" Litter

/album/vrah-a-litter-a/aiden1-jpg/ Aiden-in-new-home.jpg /album/vrah-a-litter-a/aiden2-jpg/ Aiden-with-his-mate.jpg /album/vrah-a-litter-a/ani2-jpg/ anisette.JPG /album/vrah-a-litter-a/armagnac-in-new-home-jpg/ /album/vrah-a-litter-a/armagnac-and-mate-jpg/ /album/vrah-a-litter-a/anisette-jpg/ anisette-stays.jpg /album/vrah-a-litter-a/aimee-jpg/ /album/vrah-a-litter-a/aiden-jpg/ /album/vrah-a-litter-a/armagnac-jpg/